Wednesday, 03 August 2011

Fabbity-fab products you have to use

Sh'zen is an amazing South African made product, all ingredients are natural and 
all smell divine! these products are sold world wide and really do the job. (*the following
pictures are all products that i have and use. so many tubes are sunken in and some
oils are quite low. I am not the best of photographers and so my pictures are not
 that great so bear with me!)

now you see, this is the most hypnotic smelling bath salts ever!
i advise that you are going to sleep immediately after you soak in this.

bath gels or bath creme? creme for me please.

aah, a complementary towel

all of us need a bit of pampering, a way to relieve us from stress,
a massage that will loosen up those tight muscles and still make you
smell good? look up for the solution!

 a facial range that actually works... for any skin types
it removes blemishes, controls oily skin, helps reduce
blackheads and pimples and leaves your skin amazing. 

being a female sucks at your time of the month, we get cramps and
tummy aches that leave us moody and upset. i use this every time i
feel like murdering somebody. just rub it on your tummy and feel
the magic take place.

need help calming your nerves whilst making your skin
baby soft

 do you have a pair of shoes that looked cute when you bought them but
make your feet stink? to help prevent fungi and other nasty stuff,
give your shoes or your feet a good coating.

want to smell like a princess even after you
have a hectic day? use this powder body duster
to do the job.

sunburnt? ah, sooth your soul with this
cooling after sun balm. 

amazing how one word can make you cringe inwards. Cellulite.
Worried about cellulite? give your cells a boost
with these amazing cellular boosters, a bonus is that
they smell great!

smelly, tired or heavy legs?? this will do the trick.

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